Triops Beni Kabuto ebi Albino

  • Size: approx. 4 - 6 cm
  • Life expectancy: about 90 - 120 Days
  • Temperature range: 22 - 24 °C
  • Origin: Austria
Triops Beni Kabuto ebi Albino

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Includes 19% MwSt.


Includes 19% MwSt.

Beni Kabuto ebi Albino - The Red Triops Cancriformis

The Triops Beni Kabuto ebi Albino has its origins in Japan, so it is an Asian triopsis. Nevertheless, he is a species relative to the European Triops Cancriformis. Also the Beni Kabuto ebi albino is missing, like the Red Longicaudatus the color gene, whereby he becomes pigmentless, thus an albino. Since the blood of the Triops is red, this Triops seems to have a red body. Its well-being temperature is also like that of Cancriformis, at 19 - 24° C. Even otherwise he shows the same behavior. The Triops Beni Kabuto ebi Albino is not a very cannibalistic Triops. With sufficient food fortification cannibalism can be prevented very well. The Beni Kabuto ebi albino inhabits in Japan mostly rice fields and ponds in the rainy season. Also this Triopsart has a very short tail and is one of the rather smaller Triopsarten. Its size can be up to 8 centimeters with tail, where you can say more realistic that most Beni's reach a size of 4 - 5 centimeters.

Triops Beni Kabuto ebi Albino breed

The Triops breed of Beni Kabuto ebi albino is not very heavy in principle, and one has to say that they are a bit more sensitive as albino species than normal triops.

You will need a rearing tank with a volume of 1 - 5 liters for rearing. If your Triops are bigger, you should put them in an aquarium. Wash your container with clean water, without detergent, so that it is free from residues. Now you can put the trio eggs of the Beni Kabuto ebi albino, which are in the egg-sand mixture, into the container. Since not all Triopse eggs hatch and not all of the hatched ones will survive, we recommend that if you have bought 50 Triopse eggs, you can put the entire breeding stock in the pool at once.

Then you fill the pool with water. You can use distilled or rainwater for this purpose. After filling, make sure that there are no eggs sticking to the edge of your rearing tank, otherwise they will not hatch.

It is important to keep an eye on the temperature at all times. It is best if you have about 24° Celsius as water temperature. The temperature should also be as constant as possible. As a tool you can use a small heating rod or a heating mat. Now you place a lamp over the rearing tank (sunlight is not sufficient) and wait about 24 - 72 hours until the first Triops Beni Kabuto ebi Albino nauplii hatch.

Hints for your Triops Beni Kabuto ebi Albino Breed

You may and should now like to watch them twitch in your breeding tank and make their first swimming attempts, but please leave them alone. Do not stir, do not blow in air and do not feed yet. If a whole day has passed, then you can give your Triops a toothpick tip from the supplied puppy food for Triops.

After about 2-3 weeks and a body size of 2-3 centimeters, you can put them into a larger aquarium.