Triops Longicaudatus Black

  • Size: approx. 5 - 7 cm
  • Life expectancy: about 60 - 90 Days
  • Temperature range: 25 - 28 °C
  • Origin: America
Triops Longicaudatus Black

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Triops Longicaudatus Black

The Triops Longicaudatus Black is a beautiful prehistoric crab that has a very dark, almost black color. Lovingly he is also called "Black Beauty", because this Triops is a real beauty. His life expectancy is between 60 and 90 days. The crustacean reaches a size of 5 to 7 centimeters and it is a great pleasure to observe this triopsis in all stages of growth.

Where did the Triops Longicaudatus Black get its name from?

Triops Longicaudatus black

The scientific name Triops comes from the Greek language. 'Tri' means three; 'Ops' stands for the term eye. Composed this means 'the three-eyed'. And indeed, the small cancer in the head has three eyes. Two of these Triops eyes are responsible for seeing contours and the environment. With the third eye, the Triops Longicaudatus Black perceives bright and dark contrasts. The term 'longicaudatus' translated means 'long-tailed' and refers to the so-called fork tail, so the rear end of the Triops, which accounts for much of his body length. And as already mentioned, this specimen is a Triops with (almost) black tank, which is why the scientific name Triops Longicaudatus is supplemented by the color name 'Black'.

The slip of the Triops Longicaudatus Black

Triop eggs can last for many years and even decades in drought. In the open nature, the slip is stimulated only by favorable conditions. Like many other creatures, the species Triops Longicaudatus Black requires light, warmth, water, and food after hatching. In nature, a puddle and the natural sunlight are enough to stimulate the Triopseier to hatch, as far as the water ensures optimal conditions. To stimulate the hatching of the Triops Longicaudatus Black in the rearing tank, the basin is first filled with distilled water. The water can be treated with a special conditioner to give the Triops Longicaudatus Black optimal water quality. Before the eggs of the primeval crayfish are placed in the Triops breeding basin, it should be ensured that the water temperature is correct. In addition, it is important that your Triops breed has enough daylight or artificial light available. At Triops King you will find matching aquarium lamps, heaters and thermometers that you can use to control the water temperature. If you want to set up a nice aquarium for your little crabs, in which the animals can feel good and dig, give aquarium sand or gravel to the bottom of the pool. Wash it out before setting up the nursery and do not put the Triops Longicaudatus Black seed into the water until the temperature, light and water quality are optimal.

What do you need to care for the Triops Longicaudatus Black?

The Nauplius of the Triops Longicaudatus Black, that is the name of the crustacean Eilarve, needs in the first days of life a constant temperature in a range from about 25°C to about 28°C and water with a pH of 6.0 to 10.0. Various products to test the water quality, you also get in our Triops King online store. Depending on which of our Triops Longicaudatus Black breeding approaches you choose, you will already receive Triops feed for kittens and older criminals with your shipment. We offer you next to the Triops Longicaudatus Black Breeding Approach , which can contain either 50 to 1000 Triops eggs These inexpensive sets are also available:

Of course you will find in our large assortment everything else you need to care for Triops Longicaudatus Black, relocate to a larger aquarium and clean your own Triops pelvis need.