Triops Newberryi

  • Size: ca. 4-6cm
  • Life expectancy: ca 50-70 Days
  • Temperature range: 27-32°C
  • Origin: America
Triops Longicaudatus Multicolour

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Triops Newberryi - Origin

The Newberryi got its name from its location in the North American Newberryi, but its reach extends to the west coast of California. However, this species is less common among hobby breeders than Triops Cancriformis or Triops Longicaudatus. This makes him an exotic among breeders.

Triops Newberryi - Rearing and Development

This prehistoric cancer needs water temperatures of around 27 - 32° Celsius. These are for primeval crabs relatively warm temperatures for rearing. But paradoxically, this Triops grows up rather slowly. Unfortunately, the temperatures often have an effect on his lifetime, which usually does not extend beyond 10 weeks. If the eggs are constantly exposed to the warm temperatures and lots of light, then about four eggs will hatch a primeval cancer.

Triops Newberryi Characteristics

Particularly noteworthy is the agile swimming behavior of the crabs, which he owes to the shape of his tank. The biological balance of the Triops Newberryi, by eating mosquito larvae. Cannibalism is rarely seen in this species of primate crayfish. This behavior is noticeable only in non-species-appropriate attitude. If the Triops are reared for lack of space or lack of food, then your behavior may change in this regard. Visually, this Triops resembles the Longicaudatus, but they still differ in genetics.

Triops Newberryi - Optical Features

Your tank is a bit narrower than most other types of Triops. Similar to the Triops Cancriformis, the tank of the Triops Newberryi has a light brown tiger-like marbling, which becomes noticeable for the first time 2 weeks after hatching. This peaceful cancer also has a relatively short tail compared to Longicaudatus or Triops Cancriformis. He usually reaches a size of 5 - 7 inches including tail fork.