Triops Longicaudatus

  • Size: approx. 5 - 7 cm
  • Life expectancy: about 60 - 90 Days
  • Temperature range: 25 - 28 °C
  • Origin: America
triops longicaudatus

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Triops Longicaudatus - The American Tadpole Shrimp

triops longicaudatusThe Triops Longicaudatus is also referred to as the American species of tadpole shrimps with tanks, as the Triops longicaudatus is mostly found in America and found there first. The Longicaudatus is the most popular species of the Triops genera, which is why the Longicaudatus belongs to the best-researched species of the Triops. The Longicaudatus is a remarkable adaptation artist. It adapts to its surroundings excellently, such as, for example, the ponds, which arise in the spring and completely dry out in the summer. The Triops Longicaudatus lived in the early days of the first dinosaurs and still inhabits the earth with us today. The color of his tank can be equated with a light shade of brown. From an age of about two weeks, he is able to take off his triopseggs. He does this when his egg sacks are filled by burying his trio eggs in the sand. Adult Triops Longicaudatus can lay up to 200 eggs or cysts per day, usually reaching a maximum age of 12 weeks.

Why is the Triops Longicaudatus so famous?

The Triops Longicaudatus owes its name to the big toy manufacturers Kosmos and Clementoni. Both use the protozoan Triops longicaudatus for their trio sets. Since these entry-level sets have been sold several hundred thousand times, this also made the Triops Longicaudatus with its gray tank a name all over the world.

How can I breed Triops Longicaudatus?

The longi, as it is affectionately called by insiders, is actually relatively easy to breed. As with all triops species, you should also pay special attention to the temperatures and sufficient light. Above all, the light is very important for a lot of slippage. Once the triops hatch, light plays a minor role. What should not be neglected after hatching is the temperature. The Triops Longicaudatus feels very comfortable in temperatures around 25° Celsius. However, it should not be much colder or warmer, so his organism often can not handle it very well. For rearing, you best use a rearing tank, in which fit one to five liters of water. You should not do too much effort. The container should be clean, then add in the water and the Triops Longicaudatus Breeding Approach that the temperature is about 25° Celsius and set a lamp on it. Now it will take some patience, but after 24 - 48 hours, you will see the first nauplii in your breeding tank. They are very tiny and also very sensitive. You do not have to do anything right now. Wait one more day and then you can feed some of our spirulina algae powder or what we call our baby food. Do not feed too much, otherwise the water will cloud, but not too little, otherwise the Triops Longicaudatus nauplii will not find the food in the breeding tank and we do not want them to starve.

I hope you feel like breeding your own Triops Longicaudatus and wish you lots of fun and success in your journey of discovery into prehistoric times. The Triops Longicaudatus is a fascinating prehistoric crab, which is very suitable for beginners.