The Triops King philosophy

Prehistoric crabs are animals that are basically still classified as rather unknown. As one of the largest prehistoric crab traders worldwide, we see it as our duty to make these interesting animals more known in the world. When people hear about prehistoric crabs, they either do not know what it is or they only have one particular animal in mind. In fact, primeval crabs is the umbrella term for the species Triops, Faerie crabs, salt crayfish and mussel shellfish. This fact alone is unknown to 99% of people who have ever heard of prehistoric crayfish. There are probably more than a hundred prehistoric cancers and most people have never heard of prehistoric crayfish or just one species in mind. We want to change that. However, it is not just about making the topic of primeval crayfish more popular, but also acting sustainably. So we do not focus on the topics price and mass, but quality and service in the first place. We believe that the path we have taken can not be compared to that of a hobby breeder. It is important to offer the customer not only high quality products, but also the corresponding service. A breeding of primeval crayfish is often not as easy as it seems. Soon, the customers are at a loss as to what their first breeding of their own primeval crayfish has failed. Here we offer not only a lot of information in blog posts but also personal help. This is how we ensure that our customers at Triops King feel well taken care of, knowing that when there is a question, someone is there to answer them quickly. In addition, we are involved with regular donations for the organization SOS Kinderdörfer worldwide, which cares constantly and sustainably for orphans worldwide. Since not only children, but also animals are very close to our hearts, we also have a partnership with the Zoo Augsburg. In summary, Triops King the online shop for primeval crayfish and aquarium accessories stands for quality, service and sustainability.